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We uplift your Front end Business by sharing your support and backend tasks, thus adding value,extra time..




Inevitably Affordable!

We analyse your business needs, offer Outsourcing advices enabling you to cut costs




Adding Flexibility! We offer 24/7 Software Development services, IT Support services, BPO & KPO Services.

We Redefine Outsourcing!

We Offer Straight-through Solutions without disturbing your Business Model with the aid of Intellectual resources.We Employ people who can practically implement the Ideas the papers they turned over taught them and all of our Employees will have a challenging level of Education behind them. Since we are located at the extreme south of India, we really add cost effectiveness and quality to your bussiness at surprising costs that would keep you interested without making you search for other providers in future....

We are specialized in providing IT Services like Web Development, Apllication Management,Development, Software Testing and ITES Services like Remote or Technical support through Email, Chat, Backend Process, Data Capturing, Data Management


Latest News

  • 16:07:2018: HIYA TechSolutions Private Limited celebrates the French World Cup Victory even though several of our UK and Italy Customers are with Tears!
  • 16:07:2018: HIYA TechSolutions Private Limited completes 20th successful International Customers Visit to our different branches!
  • 22:06:2018: HIYA TechSolutions Private Limited rewarded its Golden employees, the virtual pilars!
  • 17:04:2018: HIYA TechSolutions Private Limited moved the Recruitment and Administration to the Third branch thus helping our employees to deliver every projects on time with rich quality, enhancing our global image.
  • 20:03:2018: HIYA TechSolutions Private Limited reiterates the Slogan-"We Redefine IT Services while Connecting Madurai to the World".We Employed 4000 Madurai(ons) in last decade but now its all set to cross 20000 in this decade.
  • 03:03:2018: HIYA TechSolutions Private Limited's launches the Third Own 14000 Sq Ft facility expanding the seating capacity to 900 officially with a modern production floor,good parking space,relaxation Pool,Gym and sports space!
  • 12:06:2017: HIYA TechSolutions Private Limited's inaugerates the second own facility consuming 2500 Sq Ft of Earths Space and 7500 Sq Ft above the Ground Flr thus expanding the seating capacity to 500 officially!We saw happy I's.
  • 03:04:2014: HIYA TechSolutions Private Limited's business services are well recieved by Global clients and the postive feedbacks poured in adding more reputation especially in US and Europe.
  • 01:02:2014: HIYA TechSolutions Private Limited hired so many talented freshers through direct Campus recruitment for the first time.
  • 06:08:2013: HIYA TechSolutions Private Limited continues to spread its services across many cities in United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy,France and Portugal.
  • 04:05:2013: HIYA TechSolutions Private Limited raised the Employee benefits providing them all benefits including EPF,ESI,Attendance allowance,Travel Allowance,loyalty bonus and much more.
  • 02:01:2013: HIYA TechSolutions Private Limited reaches a strong position in the Industry providing Rock Solid quality services to International clients winning their hearts.
  • 05:08:2010: HIYA TechSolutions Stretches its outsourcing services to Australia and to Various cities in United States, UK, France and Germany.
  • 06:06:2010: HIYA TechSolutions Started Delivering Web Development Projects utilizing all latest technologies including Cake PHP, Ajax,Jquery etc.
  • 07:08:2010: HIYA TechSolutions Private Limited reached a solid position in this industry serving more than 8 International Clients.
  • 08:09:2011: HIYA TechSolutions Private Limited commences the service of Remote Technical Support and Chat Support process to US and UK clients.
  • 09:11:2011: HIYA TechSolutions Private Limited launches Transcription services to US clients.
  • 08:03:2012: HIYA TechSolutions Private Limited launched Voice Customer Support and Technical Support for various International ISP, Banking Clients across Europe.
  • 12:08:2012: Hiya TechSolutions Private Limited Successfully launched Proof reading services for a Global Company.
  • 14:12:2009: Hiya TechSolutions Private Private Limited Company was registered and we have started almost 3 International IT and ITES projects within a month from the launch date
  • 17:11:2009: We started our operations with SEO projects involving Content writing, keyword Identifications, Technical writing, article rewriting to have visibility among the visiting crawlers

We have a clear cut Employee Management techniques and we follow our own Hierarchy of Employees where not only the leads and Managers have the power of creating Ideas but also the Level 1 Employees, we are passionate to create a diffence and to re-iterate Indian Outsourcing Industry...