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Adding Flexibility! We offer 24/7 Software Development services, IT Support services, BPO & KPO Services.


"Our Client Testimonials"

" We are stunned by the affordability,production and quality offered by Hiya TechSolutions and they have excelled in almost 5 different projects which we awarded to them so far. I rate them as excellent IT service Provider and have already recommended their services to more than 3 companies"

By : Reputed Scientific Company based in US

"Working with HIYA TechSolutions, we've been able to get a lot more done in less time, at very affordable rates. I have been pleased with the work they've done for us and will very likely hire them again in the future."

By : Jonathan Kraft SEO Coach, Internet Marketing Consultant

"HIYA TechSolutions has done an excellent job on numerous projects we've put them on over the past few years. Their pricing is very fair, he's on time or ahead of schedule, easy to communicate with, and quick to respond. I highly recommend using HIYA Tech."

By : Jonathan Prichard at MattressInsider LLC

"Hiya TechSolutions have always given us the flexibility, confidence and Transparency we were looking forward to, as they manage our process as their own business and they take it professionally adding more value and satisfaction."

By : Leading Software Company based in Europe

"Hiya TechSolutions have really benefited us and we never thought this company could offer such an extra ordinary BPO services"

By : Leading Ecommerce Company based in UK


We have a team of experts who would analyze your business requirements, who will compare your requirements with the service potential of our company and then offer you wise solutions only if we are able to satisfy you completely. Our Business Interests are always to get more customers and to stamp the pesence of our Company Globally while doing the business for minimal profit. We are currently capable of providing IT solutions as well as ITES solutions including all sorts of Development, Support and KPO works.We recommend our Customers to contact us directly without any sort of hesitation as we never consider the boundary restriction. we are looking forward to have Domestic clients as well since we are already into couple of domestic projects.

We respect each of our customers as the big hearts of our company since we are just raising and we aim at building an empire rather than a company. We live by performance and quality hence offering free of cost back up resources considering your business loss and productivity loss as we respect each day in our office as a special day.We do not indulge ourselves in the projects which we are not expertised. Once we get your quote or business interest proposal, our team will get in touch with you, will request certain time to fully delpoy the service you expect and then will progress on Agreement, other terms and the Start of the process. We also offer you comprehensive direct recruitment option since we dont want our Customers to be restricted while we recruit for them. We always welcome our clients to our place to discuss facts, analyze our infrastructure and to discuss the pre requisites and future requirements.We always give you the chance to implement the changes you expect in the process if you are interessted to tweak certain aspects in the process on the due cource and also offer probation time before we enter into an annual aggreement so that you can have a check on us and analyze our performance before making the aggrement a perennial one. We are prerpared to work on your timings rather than on Indian timings if you want us to. Our flexibility will definitely impress you since we are not scared of working 24/7 and on all days of the year if your business demands...